About Us
We are a private practice of surgeons board certified in general surgery through the American Board of Surgeons and are Fellows of the American College of Surgeons. This means we have achieved the highest standards of excellence in our field. We have acquired specialized knowledge and experience related to the diagnosis, preoperative, operative and postoperative management, including the management of complications, in nine primary components of surgery. We are also well trained in numerous other areas of medicine.

Our specialties include gastrointestinal, abdomen, breast, endocrine, gall bladder, hernia repair, and advanced laparoscopic surgery, surgical oncology, and other areas of general surgery. We are skilled in a variety of procedures from excision of a simple skin lesion, to the resection of a major intra-abdominal organ and will provide you with exceptional care.

Lastly, our surgeons find great reward in their work which is evidenced by the friendly, thorough service to their patients and high quality of their work.

Dr. Roberto G. Posada

Dr. Posada grew up in the Detroit area. Being fluent in both Spanish and English, he particularly enjoys the multi cultural aspects of the Orlando area. During his spare time, Dr. Posada and his family maintain their physical discipline through their enjoyment in running.

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Dr. Timothy C. Childers

Dr. Childers raised in Gainesville, Florida. He is a true "Gator" and actively defends his team and his alma mater. He loves all sports, is a swimmer, golfer and thoroughly enjoys his weekly game of pick-up basketball.

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Dr. Thomas K. Mahan

Dr. Mahan was born and raised on the Delmarva peninsula and developed his love of water sports there. He now enjoys the year around opportunities to barefoot water ski, scuba dive, and fish. On his day off, you can usually find him in, on, or under the water.

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Dr. Daniel G. Vanuno

Dr Vanuno grew up in South America, did most of his medical training in the Chicago area. Is fluent in Spanish and English. He is an avid sport fan and spend most of his free time playing tennis, soccer and basketball with his kids and friends.

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